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Manufacturers of Beaches by Michael Vie (tm) and Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie(tm)

M. C. Marble Co. Inc. (DBA as Michael Vie and Co.) offers wholesale opportunities that are ideal for retailers looking to add items that can improve profit margins. Our products are ideal for drug stores, novelty stores, gift stores, health stores, house parties, etc.

These unique items can generate floor traffic, repeat business, and word of mouth advertising for the retailer that wants to make themselves unique among their competitors.

We offer pheromone additives and natural sexual attractants that can enhance marital relationships and help single people meet the person of their dreams. Many of our pheromone products have been used by married couples looking to awaken the passion in their relationship. Our products help them experience some of the same excitement they felt in the beginning of their romance. In today's hectic world people welcome anything that can promote intimacy so that they can leave their worries and anxieties behind.

Many singles welcome help from our products. Some singles find it easier to meet new people. Some have even written to us to tell us that our products have helped them meet their true love.

Note: Pheromones have been found to encourage intimacy and attraction between men and women.

Many customers appreciate stores that carry these unique products. Consequently our products enjoy repeat sales.

Here are our best sellers that are available for resale:

Beaches by Michale Vie (tm)is made by M. C. Marble, Co. with two powerful experimental grade human pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone, Plus a rare 300 year old South Seas Love Potion (Smells Like a Tropical Beach)!

This rare scent is more than just a pleasant-smelling fragrance. It is a natural sexual attractant that promotes thoughts of itimacy and romance. It contains 18 different exotic fragrances.

Directions: At the beginning of the day place BEACHES body oil on your jaw bone, upper lip, bridge of nose, neck and back of hands or wear it just like a fragrance. You may reapply BEACHES as often as you wish. We recommend 2 to 3 times per day. Use BEACHES everyday for 30 days and pay attention to people around you.

You should notice a delightful difference in people. The will seem to be friendler and easier to get along with. The opposite sex should show more interest in you.

It's the Beaches.

During intimate times, place Beaches on parts of your body nearest the opposite sex's nose.

A Doctor of Neuroscience recently wrote about Beaches....

Hi-Octane+2 is a pheromone additive that you add to your favorite fragrance. It is designed to be added to your favorite cologne or perfume. It increases the fragrance ability to make the wearer more desirable. Pheromones have been scientifically shown to enhance attraction of the opposite sex.

Hi-Octane+2 comes in 1/8 oz. Bottle with a small funnel so you can easily pour it into your cologne or perfume. One 1/8 oz. bottle is enough to mix with 4 to 8 oz of your favorite product. This product has been sold for 2 1/2 times as much. We continue to manufacture the strongest product on the market today.

Drug stores, novelty stores, gift stotes, health stores, house parties, physical stores, etc. :

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